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Legends and fables

About an unhappy love

Black basalt rock, that adorns the tip of the Střekov castle, is about hundred metres above the river Labe. In spring the steep slope is full of golden Aubrieta flowers. The fable states that the flower grows in all the places, that were touched by the pale hair of beautiful Lord´s of the Castle daughter, who jumped from the tower. The body have never been found. It is said, that she was carried away by the dwarfs.

Sad fate of the girl was set in the moment she kissed local horseman. He was very handsome boy, clever and smart, but he was too poor to attract her father. Lord of the castle found another wooer for her, inhuman knight Kubo from Střekov. Apropos, historically that person is being claused. Unfortunate horseman was imprisoned to the tower and starved to death.

There are only nice flowers in the memory of love-tortured girl, who instead of being unfaithfull to her feelings fell from the rock. Aubrieta flowers are abloom only for three weeks in a year. It is said it is supposed to remind visitors of Střekov walls how short was love of a yound girl and poor horseman.

About Střekov ghosts

When you get to Střekov during rainy days, maybe you´ll hear strong cry echoing in the old walls. It is not a sound of a wind in the narrow walls, but it is a ghost of a sad lord´s of the castle daughter. It is said that small girl-like silouette is climbing the steep and dark cliff, just to visit the spirit of her beloved, that died in the castle´s dungeon.

A ghost that had really been historically acclaimed was walking through the area in 1842. Witnesses told about „mysterious white body, that during the full moon was walking on the walls.“ That mysterious ghost was in that time 29 years old Richard Wagner clothed in white bedsheets. Several times he climbed on the nearby hill Vysoký Ostrý and watched the sunrise. Finally he found the inspiration and wrote a poem, that later on was basis for the Tannhäuser opera libretto.

How Střekov had been founded

Castle of Střekov has very long and rich history(namely rich for ghosts), but we can only guess, when the dating of its history started.

For generations a legend passes from mother to daughter and from father to son that the history of the castle started roughly in times, when the area had been endangered by robbing Mišeň people. In that times prince Hostivít called a great assembly and agreed with a governor Střek to build a great castle.

Střek then went with his units alongside Labe just to find a suitable place for building the castle. When he noticed huge basalt rock, standing above the shining surface of the river to the height of hundred metres, he realised that this is The Place. Then he summoned workmen and all together builded on the top of the rock strong, stone castle, that had been called by his founder – leader Střek – as a castle of Střekov. Majestic building fulfilled its purpose. From its tower guards could see far far away. When a brave soldiers could prepare for the fight, it was not hard for them to win over the robbing people. During the night a tether was stretched above the river, so nobody could enter the kingdom without being noticed.

About an unbelievable jump

Governor Střek could be proud on his work. But when he grew old, he started to think about the future. His wife did not gave him any son – his future follower, but their daughter was beautifull as a flower, very good, nice and strenuous. So Střek thought hardly, who would give his Lidunka to, and togehter with her, who would own the castle. Just to pick the bravest and the cleverest one from the mass of wooers, he prepared a mission: He would give his daughter to a knight, that would take his horse from the stable without being noticed. What was for the first sight very easy, turned to be impossible. Střek was easily woken up, trained horses did not want to obey people they did not know and guards were awaken whole night. After some time misfortune of tens of men were forgotten and Lidunka began to be sad.

One day a son of lord of Ronov came to Střekov. He did not come to marry the girl, he just told the greetings from his father and went back. Surely, it was only a trap. Young man hid behind the castle´s walls and when the dawn broke out and guards were falling asleep, he creeped to the stables. He calmed the horse by his calm eyes and walked with him towards the gate. However, the horse whinnied and so the whole castle was awake in a matter of moments.

The knight did not hesitate for any moment. He jumped on the saddle and rode the horse straight through the Střekov walls to Labe. Lidunka started to cry and Střek, to whom the young man was agreeable, begun to regret, that he picked such a hard mission.

But how they were surprised, when on the other day the knight came with his own horse nearly untouched. Lidunka kissed him even before Střek agreed that they two could marry. Only the horse lost his life in this adventure.

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