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The Castle of Střekov lies in the suburb of Ústí nad Labem, that has the same name. In the last century Střekov was a separate village. In that state it remained only for 17 years, but it was the largest separate village in whole Czechoslovak republic. In 1936 it was upgraded to the status of town and three years later it was connected under the nazi government of Ústí.

History of labská walley settlement has its root very deep in the past. Greenish acclivities, falling down to the flourish-giving waters of the river, were favourized by people even from the younger paleolith. The so-called Starý Střekov (Old Střekov) was founded probably in the 9th or 10th Century. Local surroundings are popular also nowadays, mainly citizens from Ústí tend to spend their leisure time here, just to escape the industrial atmosphere of the city. The surroundings of Střekov are full of nice woods, roads and interesting towns.

Maginificent dam

A view from Střekov is somewhat distorted by Masaryk water-locks – magnificient dam that dams Labe since 1935. Strongly technical architecture, although being in a big contrast with romantic silhouette of the castle was higly appraised in majority of touristic guides as a technical daisy of that times. „Highens the surface of Labe of 11 metres, making a lake to Lovosice. It belongs to the most modern in Europe and the lake it makes is even the largest one, exept the one in Kembs at Rhine.“ – this is stated in touristic guide from 1936. This can not be surprising for us. More surprising and strange are words in propagation materials from 2006: „Masaryk water-locks were outstripped by the years by many waterworks, but anyway they remain a building of beauty and elegance.“

Many tourists prefer rather nature and cultural landmarks than magnificient and prosperous industrial areas. However, we can not say that Masaryk water-locks are not exceptional. That building includes two lock chambers for boats, water power-plant and a bridge over the river for pedestrians. Although the living time for the water-locks was planned to be only 20 years,  first time the locks were reconstructed was in the year of 1981. They are functionable today as well.

Brná nad Labem

When Karl May, an author of well-known stories about Vinnetou,  spent his time in Brná in 1897, the best touristic attractions of the town were a matter of future. A memorable moment became on 8th of april 1930, when the thermal spring was found there. It welled forth from 327 metres up to the height of 8 metres. It lasted only one year for baths to be constructed, that are still, although being enlargened, functionable today.

Thermal baths Brná nad Labem

Adress: Brná nad labem, Litoměřická 1023/37, 400 03 Ústí nad Labem – Střekov
Telephone number: +420 475 541 077

Trips to the countryside

Not only one visitor of Střekov castle has been inspired by Richard Wagner, the composer, who in 1842 dressed as a ghost and tried to find a Muse on the nearby hill Vysoký Ostrý. And even you do not have to dress as a ghost – passage through Nová Ves and Sluneční stráň are marked by information tables and educative foot-paths.

Nová Ves has been changed from hill-side-village to recreational centre as the time passes. A Chapell of The Most Holy Trinity, 300 years old lime-tree and several houses of the native architecture stays on the square of the town. From Vysoký Ostrý (587 metres above sea level) you can have a nice view of the Labe valley. When the weather is fine, you can see even Milešovka and Kletečná, even tops of the Krušné hory mountains.

Domain of Svádov

Comte di Molino – „Earl from a mill“. For the first sight it may seem a very strange title. How can a person get one? Just hear out a story about a love and a treason, that really happened sometimes in 1700!

On the Domain of Svádov near Střekov Anna Františka from Tuscany lived in the beginning of 18th Centrury. She had an untrustworthy husband, so when he met in the nearby town very nice mill-girl, he did not hesitate. It was a passionate love, but too short. Young woman gave birth to a son, but God did not blessed the debauchery and punished young mother. When a mill-girl went with the boy (half an aristocrat, half a villager) to forester´s lodge in Svádov, they were attacked by a band of robbing villagers. A girl died the next day on her wounds. The son was taken by an earl from Tuscany and gave him the above-mentioned title.

We can remind the story when we travel round the town of Svádov, that is located near to Střekov. Towns of Budov and Olšinky are connected with blue hiking trail, town of Svádov is connected with cycling path. Svádovská stráň (Svádov slope) is worth your attention, because it hids a small cave.

Crossroad of the tourist paths

Town of Němčí is the highest situated town in České středohoří mountains. It is situated in the height of 600 metres above sea level and it crosses several marked tourist paths. Also the cycling path connecting Střekov and Čeřeniště goes through here. Lovers of winter sports are not excluded at all because the road between Němčí and Nová ves is one of a few that has its own cross-country skis trail.

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